Daily Schedule

The School Day
Grades K - 5:   

8:15 AM - 2:50 PM  (Tuesday-Friday)
May include a 10 minute morning and/or afternoon recess and 35 minute lunch & recess

Tuesday-Friday students may arrive at school no earlier than 8:00 AM.

8:00     Students May Enter Building (breakfast in the classrooms)

8:15      Tardy bell

Students may be asked to walk home until school time if they arrive extremely early.  Children are not to wait in parking lot areas.  They are much safer at home, leaving a little later to get to school.  Please help out by creating a daily plan for your child.

Late Start Mondays

On Late Start Mondays school will start two hours late.

10:00      Breakfast (free for all students)

10:15    Tardy bell

Many parents may need to have a supervised option for their children to attend on Late Start Mondays.  Supervision will begin at 7:20 AM in the Grade School Commons.  This option is available for parents who need supervision prior to the bus pick-up time.  This is only available on Late Start Mondays.  Late Start Mondays.  Bus riders will follow the same procedure as any other day, just two hours late.