In 1996, community and school leaders collaborated and launched Dayton: A Community with Character. Character education complements Dayton Grade School’s motto, “Steering the Right Course.” The school district emphasizes these eight core character values and each month, teachers nominate students who exemplify these qualities. At DGS, two students of the month from each classroom are recognized for displaying the monthly character trait.

Responsibility: Being trustworthy and accountable for your choices.
Students of the Month:

Integrity: Building and guarding your reputation by remaining honorable and upright in all situations.

Service: Participating in efforts for the benefit of others; not for praise or reward.

The Student of the Month award January is being given for Courage. The following students are being honored for being able to admit their mistakes and to stand up for what is right.

The Student of the Month award February is being given for Respect. This month we are honoring students who have demonstrated respect. Respect is a quality that includes fairness, kindness, and tolerance.

Humility: Being humble, caring, and not egotistical

Honesty: Being truthful with yourself and others.

Forgiveness: A process which provides an opportunity to regain trust. The act of restoration, benefiting self and/or others.