PTSO Meeting Notes


Dayton Grade school PTSO Meeting notes

4/8/2019 | 6pm | Meeting called by Melissa Cook

Board members

Melissa Cook, President | Amber Gleaves, VP | Lindsay Douthit, Treasurer | Terry Oliverira, Secretary | Kristen Smith, Yearbook Contact | Amanda Dallas, Teacher Liaison | Nancy Moody, Director | Stephanie Ewing, Director | Racheal Hoezee, Member | Heather Giraud, Member

Attending:  Melissa Cook, Amber Gleaves, Lindsay Douthit, Stephanie Ewing, Nancy Moody, Racheal Ohezee, Kristen Smith, Heather Giraud.

Art Show:  

The Art show was a great Success do to the teacher’s great art ideas, Community involvement, and all others involved.  All together it raised $1940.   We would like to have this event again next year. Improving on 2 tables for payment, a lower take it now price, more community outreach/involvement.

By Laws: 

Went over official Bylaws.  It was discussed and voted in approval to combine the Donation Coordinator & Volunteer Coordinator into one position as Event Coordinator.  Otherwise the rest of the Bylaws were voted in.  by an 8/8 approval.

Fund Requests: 

$119.94 Voted 8/8 approval 5th Grade cinch bags for swim day?  

$1900   Voted 8/8 approval 4th grade Bilingual Bench mark reading book sets w/teacher guides.     **We will look at end of year funds to purchase the 5th grade sets as well. **

$25.00 Voted 8/8 approval 40 chicken eggs to be hatch in the Kindergarten rooms as part of lesson plan. 

$1256.77 Voted 8/8 approval 5th grade Fieldtrip to go Swimming & Transportation.

Next Fundraiser

Family Fun Fair:

We need Volunteers!!  It will take approx. 15-20 volunteers to manage the night.  Stephanie Ewing reached out to FFA coordinator at the High School and got a soft commitment for the club to help out.  Last year we gave a donation of $600 to the FFA for their participation.  

  • We discussed weather permitted to set up outside in courtyard with a backup plan for inside like last year’s set up.
  • We will offer popcorn and snow cones along with the hotdog dinner.300 hot dog meals were ordered from cafeteria.No cotton candy this year.
  • No bounce houses this year, we will be missing some key people trained on them.
  • We will be adding a goodie walk offering Cupcakes, cookies, and rice crispy treats.Stephanie will order 100 cupcakes 50white/ 50 chocolate along with 50 mini cookies from cafeteria.Lindsay will buy the Rice crispy treats.
  • Lindsay is laminating 1-20 numbers for the Goodie walk, along with a sign.
  • Fine tuned gift basket raffle options.

Ending notes:

We spoke about creating more buzz around our fundraisers, and reaching out to the community.  Posting more to Facebook, posting our minutes to the Dayton Grade school website, and sending out personal invites to key people.   Spoke about the end of year budget, and what bigger items to purchase the teachers are looking into a new laminator which would cost between $8000-$12000. 

Next Meeting:  5/14/19