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At the Pirate Doc, we fix electronics that students, teachers, and residents of Dayton need repaired. We have experience with PCs, Apple products, and Chromebooks. We can delete or recover hard drives, scan for viruses, and generally diagnose/ repair common problems. Our high school students: Adom, Leo, and Carson are here to help.

Our current projects include: setting up two Minecraft servers (public and educational version),  small 3D printed signs for local businesses, and posting tutorial technology-help videos in our YouTube channel: goo.gl/e2tlHH (Pirate Tech Support)  We also practice coding and game design.

If you have questions about local internet service, new technologies, or repair requests, come talk to us about it. We are open from 2:00-4:00pm Monday through Thursday in Room 12 at the Grade School.

-Mariah, Maddie, and Adom

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